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Are you keeping up with your New Year resolutions?

Reaching for Toys

Stretch a bit more… it’s a toy on the (clothes)line.

WEP: I Saw You!

A child’s curiosity leads to an unexpected discovery.

Old Shoe

Have you seen that old shoe before?

Hide n’ Seek

Ready for some Hide n’ Seek in the smog?

Tree Talks

A tree’s meditations on a fine morning.

Clean Up

An age-old tale of cleaning up.

Boating Ventures

Questions to ask before starting a new venture.


It’s time to start exercising… tomorrow.

The Cooking Contest

Gear up for an exciting cooking contest in Aambyville.

Beach Colours

A virtual trip to the beach!

Winning Bet

Have you placed your winning bet?

Coffee & Tea

A poem on ordering coffee.

Shortcuts & Signs

Another car bites the dust… or water.

The Right Bouquet

Have you checked out our selection of bouquets?

Poison Ivy

Alert: Painting hazards.


In our neighbourhood, you can arrive any time you like, but can never leave.


Not all essentials in a still-life/ object drawing class are related to sketch & colour supplies.


A constant cycle.


Have you seen the other shoe?

Hiring Ad

We’re hiring… Apply now if interested.

The Puzzle

An attempt at a Limerick.

What to Wear?

A short piece on an everyday story.

The Shelter

Come along and explore the shelter for creativity.

Happy Accidents

A tiny accident that happened during an online art class.

Christmas Fair

A short dialogue between a mother & daughter on visiting the Christmas fair.

WEP: A Christmas Fairytale

A dialogue between two sisters that turns into an inspiration for one of them.

Still Lost

Help! We’re still lost.


Do you trust your GPS?

Lucky Blanket

When the muse takes my lucky blanket.

The Way to the Top!

Get ready to learn the fastest way to the top!

Peeping Tom

When the peeping Tom gets… peeped?

Where are you?

The travails of searching a fellow commuter at a railway station.

The Next Car

A continuation of last week’s adventure.

The Car

When your driving instructor doesn’t teach you to use the handbrake. A classic Promila story.

Tree’s the Charm

A conversation between trees during a cyclone.


The title says it all…


The rules for winning a game of chess.

A Chinese Meal

The next time you go out to dinner, always carry extra cash.

Chocolate World

Would you like to visit Chocolate World?


A perfect democracy to build a treehouse.

The Journey

Sometimes trusting someone can lead to explosive results

I Need a Scissor

I need a pair of scissors. Did you see it?

That’s Not Fair

A short exchange between two kids watching clouds.

Third Time Lucky?

Does the child finally meet Santa Claus? Find out here.


Catching sunbeam is no child’s play.

The Cement Seller

When a man is about to give-up a stranger helps him. Two years down the line, the partners are running…

When I Grow Up…

The joy of deciding what you want to be when you grow up.

The Art Competition

I’m the judge for Aambyville’s Digital Art Competition!

Lockdown Laziness

How lazy have you been during this lockdown?

The Magic Fountain

A ‘Magical Fountain’ provides the cure for a deadly disease.

Cheating Spouses

Sometimes something that looks simple may not be as easy.

The Park

Revisiting Aambyville’s park.

ISWG: October

ISWG’s October post.

Waiting for a Ride

Questions during a normal morning’s ride.

A Scientist’s Discovery

A scientist’s breakthrough may be more than what meets the eye.


Join us in an ambush on Mr. Trestle’s garden.

ISWG: 7th August 2019

It’s ISWG day! “Has your writing ever taken you by surprise?”

It’s Scripted!

A fun script for this week’s prompts

In the Dark

Another night at Aambyville. Ouch!

Going Bananas

Take a trip with us as we visit the community farm

Welcome to Aambyville

Welcome to Aambyville, a little community that’s guaranteed for fun the entire month.

A Dream…

A crazy dream, made real


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