The Game of Life

'Cluckity cluck, cluckity cluck' rang the footsteps as the two aliens went about their way. "Mommy I'm hungry, I want some water" said one. "Not now child, we need to make it to the next level before we replenish our energy; we are anyways being tracked so let's hurry," replied the other. Suddenly the ground... Continue Reading →

The Little House

Once there was a scientist who decided to shift to the nearby deserted valley; After that, no one ever heard from him again. 5 Years Later... "Look!" exclaimed the young explorer pointing to a hut. "But it's in ruins" replied her companion. "Well, it's good enough for shelter, I don't want to wake up when... Continue Reading →

Easter Egg Hunt

Sahra and her husband were sitting on a bench, enjoying the fresh air and watching boat races on the nearby river. "Look mummy, see what I found" said her 2-year old daughter, walking towards with a rotten Easter Egg. ***A week ago*** They'll never find it here thought Denise as she hid another Easter egg.... Continue Reading →

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