Easter is Almost Here

Easter is almost here and so are tasty Easter eggs.

In the Dark

Another night at Aambyville. Ouch!

The Game of Life

'Cluckity cluck, cluckity cluck' rang the footsteps as the two aliens went about their way. "Mommy I'm hungry, I want some water" said one. "Not now child, we need to make it to the next level before we replenish our energy; we are anyways being tracked so let's hurry," replied the other. Suddenly the ground... Continue Reading →

The Little House

Once there was a scientist who decided to shift to the nearby deserted valley; After that, no one ever heard from him again. 5 Years Later... "Look!" exclaimed the young explorer pointing to a hut. "But it's in ruins" replied her companion. "Well, it's good enough for shelter, I don't want to wake up when... Continue Reading →

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