Oh just look at that beautiful view. So pretty, just like a framed picture. You are seriously out of shape though. I’m pretty sure half the countryside must have heard you huffing and puffing all the way up this tiny hill.

Jack: The cabin is supposed to be by the edge of two full-grown trees with yellow leaves. My grandparents planted them there on the day of their marriage.

You know Jack that’s a good point, but I can’t seem to find a pair of trees whose leaves have even a trace of yellow. <*Turning in your direction*> What are you doing?

Oh, don’t bother. Google maps are not even capable of helping me find my house when it’s one street away. How will it find a little cabin in the middle of nowhere?

Ok no. You don’t really want to know why I was looking for my house on Google. Jack is there anyone we could call who will get us out of this?

Jack: Nope. <*Sitting down*> Now it’s up to you guys to search through the maze of trees for it. Why don’t you use the “survival instincts” you were talking about on the way here.

<*Me dragging him with a sigh*> Come on let’s go search for it.

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