And Another Night


<*fire crackling*>

So we’ve gone swimming, visited the nearby nursery, counted stars, played games, and sang songs. What should we do tomorrow?

No. I know I promised you that we would go trekking but we had to walk such a great distance just to get here. You should save your energy and search for a better way to get to the village unless you are willing to walk all the way again.

Jack: We could visit the nearby church. It has lovely stained glass windows. Did you know my grandparents met there? My grandfather used to do clerking there.

Me: Please continue. It should be an interesting story.

Jack: My grandma used to distribute flyers for pocket money. It was on the day of Benediction in the church. Since it was a grand function, my grandma thought that there would be a huge crowd and she could easily distribute flyers to the people as they left.

So she arrived at the church with two satchels resting against her hips filled with flyers of flowers, lipsticks, hairspray, smocks, tablecloths, and a lot more products. As she was distributing the flyers she met my grandfather who was helping usher the crowd. He seldom helped with the crowd unless it was a huge one, just like it was on that day. According to them, it was love at first sight. It was a windy day so my grandfather helped her to hold on to the flyers as she brushed wisps of hair away from her face. They kept meeting and a few months later they got married there.


Next Afternoon


The church was really wonderful, don’t you think?

Jack: I told you that it would be.

Me: Okay, now yell check as I count off all our chores that are done. Are all the boxes packed?

Is the place cleaned up properly?

Who is carrying Susie’s plants?

Who is carrying the train tickets?

Are snacks for the way packed?

And the map? Don’t get us lost.

All right then let’s lock up and leave. I really hope that you enjoyed this picnic just like we did.

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  1. I love how the reader seemed to be one of the party, and how easy it was to picture each scene. Looking forward to reading more of group. (And anything else you write too!)

    Liked by 1 person

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