And Found


I’m so tired of walking. Yes, I understand that you are hungry too.

Jack: Da dadaha Da Da daaaa

Jack stop humming. What sort of a friend are you? We are dead tired and hungry and you are just humming.

Jack: <*Pointing*> look there. The cabin roof! <*Turning to you*> The thing that is rising from those clump of trees.

Let’s hurry.

<*Reaching the cabin and going inside*>

Jack: Well, what do you guys think?

Well, I had certainly imagined something else. Isn’t it a bit smaller from what you had described? The place looks cramped and is almost bare except for that table and chair over there.

Jack: Well I had warned you guys that it was ancient. Now, where’s that toolbox we had brought? <*holding a plank of wood by the window, which looks like it is going fall*> Might as well fix this while there’s light.

Alright come on. Someone just pass me a hammer.

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  1. I have just flicked back to read the story from the start. I like the way you are writing it as it is full of deatail but it is mystery to where we are headed. Keep it coming!

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