My cupboard tells a story. No, not one of time freezing moments, a story behind a favourite sweater, or even of mercy shown to a bird who built its nest in a basket. It tells the famous story of... I'll clean it tomorrow. The photo prompt has been given by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields at the... Continue Reading →

The Lake

Ever wondered about the stories your friendly neighbourhood lake would tell? This journalist is here to find out.

A Mountain Picnic

"Spin a yarn" they all said. Carol looked around at the group. "Well, so we went camping to the nearby hills. It was beautiful! The vast scenery, the grey mist. We sang songs while kicking stones, seeing whose would go the furtherest. And then..." "What!" Exclaimed everyone, sitting up in anticipation. "And then," she repeated... Continue Reading →

Let’s Go For A Picnic

1 Hi, Welcome to Summer 2017. We are really happy you could come. We were just packing to go for a picnic. You should come too. It's gonna be so much fun! We will be going swimming, for walks, watch pink sunsets, for... And what's that? I'm sorry. I'm prone to go ahead without telling... Continue Reading →

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