Night and Day


Whew! That WAS quite some hard work. I don’t think that I want to see a hammer anymore.

Seriously, you must really have a lot of energy to want to build a campfire and dance around it.

Yes, I do remember that school camps used to be like that. Singing, dancing, and telling ghost stories around a fire. I must say that I told the best ones. Most of the kids were sooo frightened… Hey, why are you two laughing? I’m serious. Now get some paper and dry sticks, oh and a matchbox too.


Next Morning


Jack: Wake up! It’s morning. What do you’ll want to do today?

Me: Certainly not trekking. After getting lost yesterday in the middle of the woods and walking everywhere, I’m tired of walking.

Jack: Then let’s go to the nearby lake and have a splash. We could also pack some lunch and eat it after visiting the nursery. Don’t forget, Susie does expect us to get her certain plants for her “beauty treatment.” She’ll be upset if we don’t get them.

Me: *sighing* I don’t see how any of those even work. She’ll most likely just try it on for a week and then forget about it. I guess some people just get crazier as they grow older. Wait, where are you going so fast. At least let me get into something that looks better than my pajamas!

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