On the way…


Whew! It’s a good thing we came away from the city. I was just on the phone with Susie. Apparently, it started to rain as soon as we left. Poor soul. I’m pretty sure that she had been looking forward to this trip.

Oh no, there is no need for you to worry about her. She anyways has Lisa.

Ok now don’t tell me that you don’t remember Lisa. She’s Susie’s dog. Apparently, her previous master had left her because she was an insomniac. When Susie found her she seemed so lonely that she decided to adopt her.They have been best friends since college. Once she even bit a thief! I mean the dog, not Susie of course. Oh you should have seen the farce. I almost thought that we would die laughing.

Jack: <*shouting*> Hey, can’t you two hear me. I’ve been calling you for some time. <*grumbling*> This day isn’t going as I planned. First I ended up dialing a wrong number. The guy at the other end sounded so confused. Next, I had to carry most of the supplies since you two couldn’t hear me. Then…

Ok Jack, we’re sorry for that. Let’s go and continue the supply shopping.

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