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Tag: cut

  • I Need a Scissor

    I need a pair of scissors. Did you see it?

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  • WEP: The Horrible Harvest

    A horrible harvest and its consequences.

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  • The Footprint

    Fresh news! Find out what scientists have to say about the mysterious big foot, shouted the newspaper boy. The little village had become a hotbed of bustling activity with the discovery of a huge footprint at the nearby deserted island, attracting both- tourists as well as scientists who pitched various theories about its existence. Whose […]

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  • How to Melt Someone’s Anger

    Ugh I’m so mad at her! She always does this in the mornings. I turn and slam the bathroom door as I go for a shave. As the water is running, I grab the blade only to cut my finger. I gulp down my desire to yell and go towards the kitchen. To my surprise […]

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