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How to Melt Someone’s Anger

Ugh I’m so mad at her! She always does this in the mornings. I turn and slam the bathroom door as I go for a shave. As the water is running, I grab the blade only to cut my finger. I gulp down my desire to yell and go towards the kitchen. To my surprise there is a pile of bandages and a message. As I wrap one around my finger I read the message. “Knew you would cut yourself. Kept the bandages for you.” That girl surely knows how to melt someone’s​ anger.

The picture prompt has been given by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields at the Friday Fictioneers. The word prompts have been given by Joyce Sutphen at the Sunday Whirligig.

12 responses to “How to Melt Someone’s Anger”

  1. Sweet story, Bernadette. I wish I could be so cognizant in the mornings!

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  2. Wow! That’s such a beautiful story and so well written!


  3. Whatever the cause of his anger, she knew the cure. Sounds like an ideal partner. 🙂


  4. Dear Bernadette,

    There’s nothing like an intuitive woman to diffuse a mans anger. Nicely done.




  5. Aw, what a sweet and thoughtful woman 🙂


  6. My immediate reaction was to apologise as I had left the bathroom in a mess. I am so relieved is wasn’t me. What a beautiful picture you painted with this story Bernadette.


  7. He doesn’t realise how lucky he is. Excellent..

    Click to read my story


  8. When a woman knows what her man is about to do, that’s a good woman. Well done!


  9. […] How to Melt Someone’s Anger […]


  10. […] How to Melt Someone’s Anger […]


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