WEP: History of the Café du Forum

“Just see, one day I’ll build myself a theatre, bigger than Will’s next door. It’ll have a magnificent terrace where my lovely leading lady will lean out and say to her lover,

More fairy tale than reality

Is what I feel for thee.

And lo and behold,

If you are not more precious to me than gold…”

“Aye, you and your dreamy ‘trends’. Shut up and knead that dough already. The bakery opens in 15 minutes.”


“Are you sure that’s how it happened?” I asked the young owner.

“Yes mademoiselle. That’s why my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather is known as the pioneer of French Cafés like this. It was his ultimate goal in life.”

“Ok, I guess this’ll be quite a story.”

Word Count 131 : FCA

This month’s WEP theme is Café Terrace. Join us for a cup of coffee?

41 thoughts on “WEP: History of the Café du Forum

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  1. Bernadette, you’re the master of short, snappy snippets which go straight to the heart. Love this piece, but I was hankering to read more. Hmm. What was the baker making? Baguettes? ((licks lips))).

    A great entry for CAFE TERRACE!


  2. A very nice short piece! I resonate with the dreamer or at least younger me does. I always used to have very big plans.
    ~cie from team netherworld~


  3. Saying so much in just a few words and getting the atmosphere and the details in to such an extent that the reader is immediately involved in the story is an art and you’re very good at Bernadette!


  4. Hi Bernadette – I wondered if you were going to take us back to Shakespeare’s day … but there weren’t enough greats …yet the story was short and sweet – loved it … cheers Hilary


  5. Ha, ha, ha Bernadette, that was fun and concise.
    Wishful thinking. 12 generations, that would go back to before the French Revolution, 18th century France, bakeries didn’t offer drinks, that’s a twentieth century thing, and it started with pâtisseries converting into salons de the after WWII, on the German model of Kaffee und Kuchen which existed in the 19th century. Women could not act in a theatre until the end of the 19th in France.
    The bistros and cafés are an extension of taverns and brasseries which offered coffee to the public only in the last decades of the 19th century when France created its plantations in the colonies in Africa ( the beans came from Central America )
    Dreams will be dreams and fiction can take all sorts of liberties, very original.


  6. My deep apologies Bernadette, I realise you were talking about a place in London ? And thanks to Nilanjana, that the coffee beans do originate from Ethiopia, see my comment on her post. The origin of the cafés in France, I think is pretty accurate to my knowledge, I’ll have to check more thoroughly and get back to you … now I’m suddenly unsure.

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