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Tag: history

  • WEP: History of the Café du Forum

    Here’s a different take on the history of the Café du Forum.

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  • The Legend that Came True

    A chance discovery proves an ancient legend to be true.

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  • Christmas is For Everyone

    I heave a sigh of relief as I reach the school hall in time. I pass by an exhibit showing a collision of stars (maybe the big bang theory) and another on the evolution of hats. I hear my daughter calling me, eager to show her history project. We pass by other parents who are […]

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  • Chocolate: The Sweetest Desire

    On reading today’s daily prompt- desire, the thing which I crave the most came to my mind. I almost consider chocolate as my first love and decided to find out the origins of this sweet delight. Apparently, chocolate wasn’t the sweet desert we think of today. It was invented by the Aztecs some 3100 years ago in Central […]

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