Going Bananas

‘Knock Knock’

Hi, I’m Shawn. I’m part of the Aambyville welcome team. Your friend had asked one of us to show you guys around. So, we’ve made a full plan. Would you like to see it?

**Unrolls a chart paper and points to a spot**

If you guys are free, we can start right now. I could take you to the community ‘farm’.

**Sometime later**

I know that this place is not big enough to call it a farm but that’s what we call it. See that lady over there? That’s Mrs Petunia. She loves her flowers more than almost anything and you’ll always find her here.

Do you see that tree there? My great grandfather planted it. We still get bananas from it. How about coming over one day for a glass of banana milk shake?

Find out more about the going-ons at Aambyville:

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