An Interview with Catherine

Catherine is our odds-job woman. Shawn introduced us on our first day here. From dusting to getting bread for breakfast, you can rely on her for all kinds of things. I figured that if I was to write a book on our stay here, I might as well start with her. Here goes…

For how long have you been staying at Aambyville?
Err… Long enough. I was given ‘is place as part of community service.

Ah just stuff you know. I happened to trip and bring down an entire shelf. And, officer pops (who I absolutely dislike) just happened to be there.

Something tells me that this doesn’t seem as innocent as you make it sound. But moving on, what was your first job here?
Oh just cleaning up.

And, then? What made you stay?
Oh this place. The people here are quite welcoming. Also, I did meet a certain Mr. Joy. We got on very well, a bit too well I may add.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen here?
The ghost at flat 13. She would start quavering (some people thought it was singing) exactly at midnight. Most folks thought that she was the trapped soul of one of the old factory workers.

What happened to her? I haven’t heard anything at night. I’m a pretty light sleeper when compared to my friend here.
Ah well… She just disappeared. All we did was change a few sheets, dust the place up a bit and remove the old cupboard. I wanted to peek in to if there was anything of use there, but no one allowed me to.

One thing you would love to change or do?
Well I’m not telling anything, but I’m sure that House 52 shouldn’t have ‘adopted’ that nasty cat.

Find out more about the going-ons at Aambyville:

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