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Real Treasure

“Ok everyone, now memorize all the clues so that you can split up and search for the clues.” It was the day of the treasure hunt. The palms waving their fronds, songbirds singing a rousing song and butterflies flying about. 

All the kids were huddled up in their groups trying to figure out the clues given in the small pieces of paper. Soon they were all running about the old fort searching for the treasure. This fort had been ravaged by the weather as well as the wars that it had seen. Now it was home to the lone fox or stray dog except during such occasions. 

One group while crawling through a half broken wall came upon a box. A shout went up, “We found it. We won!” The adults walked towards them as they were struggling with it. This was not what they had hidden. With some effort they opened it. Inside was a dazzling amount of coins.

The other group that actually found the treasure that was hidden sat contentedly munching their chocolate gold coins.

Smallpox Hospital-Roger Bultot

The picture prompt has been given by Rogers Bulltot at the Friday Fictioneers. The word prompts have been given by Twyla Hansen at the Sunday Whirligig and from the Daily Prompt hosted​ by the Daily Post.

7 responses to “Real Treasure”

  1. Everyone’s a winner 🙂


  2. Well told. The one group must have done a really intensive search of the place.


  3. Beautiful story , Bernadette.


  4. Ah, that treasure called chocolate. What other treasure is there?!! A heartwarming tale reminding us about the simplicity of children.


  5. Well, two lovely surprises! Nice twist.


  6. What a great surprise for the children. They can buy a lot of chocolate now.


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