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Lucky Blanket

“Have you seen my lucky blanket? It’s Red, White and has Pink stripes.”

“Let’s see, it does sound familiar.”

“Hawww… you’re purposely not telling me. But, I just saw it and am gonna get it back, whatever it takes.

Muses shouldn’t be allowed to sleep with other people’s lucky blankets.”

Not sure if this week’s Six makes much sense but I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of posting weekly (it’s so easy to ‘forget’ or put it off for lack of inspiration/ideas! I’ve no clue how most of you create awesome Sixes everytime). I had the an idea for the first sentence and then just kept on. BTW this week’s word prompt (Blanket) has been given by Denise Farley at the Girlie on the Edge.

19 responses to “Lucky Blanket”

  1. Muses often seem to do what they want and when they want, rather like cats

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    1. Well, she did seem to be curled up like one…


    2. This is great!
      Keep searching and yanks that many-colored blanket back. Muse just wants you to work for it…


  2. Perfect sense perfect six


  3. I suspect the muse did take that blanket.


  4. Good one, Bernadette! Especially that last sentence.


    1. Thanks Chris. Glad you enjoyed it.


  5. I’m with the others… make sense to me.

    I like the ‘ease’ of the ease and simplicity of the dialogue.
    Fun Six

    (Funny you mention “…create awesome Sixes everytime.” I was talking to someone about getting ideas for any given week and how, doing a serial story could make that easier or more difficult. This week was a good example of my own strategy: I had a totally great idea for what would happen in this week’s installment. Sat down at my computer and… nothing! lol Stayed seated for about an hour. Decided to give up and go to bed. Woke up at midnight totally unable to sleep. Sat down at my computer and… (if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!) I gave on the great idea and, like the writing books say, ‘Wrote what I knew’ So I sat up with my main character for company.)


    1. Glad you at least had the company of your main character (though I guess in his case the huge dinner would’ve been responsible for staying up).


  6. I love the idea you have planted with this SSS! A lucky blanket may be the writing tool I need to get. HaHa.


    1. It’s an incredible sleeping tool too!


  7. Aha! So that’s where it went, lol. Delightful, Bernadette! Love the reasoning behind this one 😉

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