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The Right Bouquet

“I’m looking for flowers for my wife. Which bouquet would you suggest?”

“It depends… these here are ‘Strike one’. Those are ‘Strike two’.”

“And those?”

“They’re to appeal for a ‘Not out’.”

The photo prompt has been given by Jan Wayne Fields at the Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and the word prompt (Strike) has been given by D. Avery at the Six Sentence Stories hosted by Denise Farley.


15 responses to “The Right Bouquet”

  1. I like labeling those bouquets “strike one” and “strike two” and “not out”.


    1. It makes it easier to choose the right one.

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  2. Ohhhh I LOVE this!!! Very clever, and I’ll bet it works 🙂


      1. 😊

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  3. Well done! Those are excellent names.


  4. Oh dear! One wonders what he did this time! 😉


    1. That’ll depend on the bouquet he chooses 😉

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  5. I like the labeling, very clever!


  6. Dear Bernadette,

    There’s a florist who thinks on his feet. Clever.




    1. Everyone needs a ‘different’ business idea 😉


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