Come June and everyone is ready for the monsoons and the running around associated with the start of schools and colleges begins. Vacation time is mostly considered over. However, for those who spent the summer heat sweating it out over work or could not go for a vacation, here are five reasons why you should take that off- season vacation.

  • Less Crowded

With most of the crowds making for home, tourist spots become emptier. A less crowded place enables you to enjoy the place by yourself.

  • It’s Cheaper!

The old demand and supply theory shows that when there is a low demand for something, manufacturers/ owners tend to slash prices to keep up with competition. In the same way, in order to keep up with the less number of people vacationing during the off- season many hotels and transport agencies tend to reduce prices. This not only gives you a better deal but also enables you to spend that money saved on more activities.

  • Easy accommodation

With less crowd around and a number of hotels going empty, it shouldn’t be very difficult to get accommodation during the non- peak season.

  • More activities

Going to a place in the off- season can let you choose the activities you would like to participate in without the hassle of having to wait in long lines. Also, remember that extra cash you got to save through cheaper flight tickets and accommodation? You can use it to for having fun with the same budget as a peak season traveller. However, before going always check that there is something to do at the place you are visiting during the off- season. Some activities like the Mt. Abu Summer Festival in Rajasthan tend only to be seasonal or are held during a specific time period.

  • Best during the off- season

Some places are at their best during the off- season. For example, the lush greenery and cascading waterfalls makes Kerala gorgeous in the monsoons. Tourists going to Kerala in the month of August can experience the Onam (One of the biggest festivals in Kerala) celebrations.

So get packing for your next vacation!

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