Week 2: Short Story February

I finally completed the rest of the stories in 'The Best Crime Stories.' My favourites this week were: The Homesick Buick- John D. Macdonald The Mallet- James Hilton Jericho And The Two Ways To Die- Hugh Pentecost The Victim- P.D. James  Dusk To Dawn- Cornell Woolrich   From next week I'm planning on starting a... Continue Reading →

Week 1: Short Story February

Week one of February is done and so are a few very interesting stories. Here is so far my list of favourites from the book 'The Best Crime Stories.' The Avenging Chance- Anthony Berkely The Farewell Murder- Dashiell Hammett The Hammer of God- G.K. Chesterton The Man Who Knew How- Dorothy Sayers They Never Get... Continue Reading →

Short Story February

After reading Richard Robinson's post on Short Story February,  I decided to join in.  I will be starting with: The Best Crime Stories Will be posting updates about the stories I like the most.

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