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2 Whew! It's a good thing we came away from the city. I was just on the phone with Susie. Apparently, it started to rain as soon as we left. Poor soul. I'm pretty sure that she had been looking forward to this trip. Oh no, there is no need for you to worry about... Continue Reading →

Week 4: Short Story February

February is almost over and I completely enjoyed the short story challenge. While I haven't yet completed reading 'Murder British Style,' here is the last set of stories that I enjoyed reading: The Case of Mr. Foggart- Arthur Morrison The Case of the Late Mr. Rewse- Arthur Morrison In The Fog- Richard Harding Davis Will... Continue Reading →

Week 3: Short Story February

It's unbelievable how fast the month has passed and now week 3 has come to an end. Well, as I said last week, I started had reading 'Murder British Style.' While all the stories are not connected to murder (which was a slight disappointment considering the book's name), here are ones I really liked: The... Continue Reading →

Week 2: Short Story February

I finally completed the rest of the stories in 'The Best Crime Stories.' My favourites this week were: The Homesick Buick- John D. Macdonald The Mallet- James Hilton Jericho And The Two Ways To Die- Hugh Pentecost The Victim- P.D. James  Dusk To Dawn- Cornell Woolrich   From next week I'm planning on starting a... Continue Reading →

Week 1: Short Story February

Week one of February is done and so are a few very interesting stories. Here is so far my list of favourites from the book 'The Best Crime Stories.' The Avenging Chance- Anthony Berkely The Farewell Murder- Dashiell Hammett The Hammer of God- G.K. Chesterton The Man Who Knew How- Dorothy Sayers They Never Get... Continue Reading →

Short Story February

After reading Richard Robinson's post on Short Story February,  I decided to join in.  I will be starting with: The Best Crime Stories Will be posting updates about the stories I like the most.

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