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Tag: picnic

  • The Lake

    Ever wondered about the stories your friendly neighbourhood lake would tell? This journalist is here to find out.

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  • And Another Night

    6 <*fire crackling*> So we’ve gone swimming, visited the nearby nursery, counted stars, played games, and sang songs. What should we do tomorrow? No. I know I promised you that we would go trekking but we had to walk such a great distance just to get here. You should save your energy and search for […]

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  • Night and Day

    5 Whew! That WAS quite some hard work. I don’t think that I want to see a hammer anymore. Seriously, you must really have a lot of energy to want to build a campfire and dance around it. Yes, I do remember that school camps used to be like that. Singing, dancing, and telling ghost […]

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  • And Found

    4 I’m so tired of walking. Yes, I understand that you are hungry too. Jack: Da dadaha Da Da daaaa Jack stop humming. What sort of a friend are you? We are dead tired and hungry and you are just humming. Jack: <*Pointing*> look there. The cabin roof! <*Turning to you*> The thing that is […]

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  • On the way…

    Part 2 of the ‘Let’s Go on a Picnic’ Series.

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  • Let’s Go For A Picnic

    1 Hi, Welcome to Summer 2017. We are really happy you could come. We were just packing to go for a picnic. You should come too. It’s gonna be so much fun! We will be going swimming, for walks, watch pink sunsets, for… And what’s that? I’m sorry. I’m prone to go ahead without telling […]

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