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Tag: Colour Psychology

  • Fiery Hot & Red

    Red is one of the primary colours. It is a colour which symbolizes energy and heat. This is because it is also the colour of blood and fire. It also has the highest wavelength. This is why it is used for signs especially ones showing danger (as it can be seen from a huge distance). Fun Fact:…

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  • I’ll Play The Blues For You

    Music is used to express emotions and feelings. One genre which expresses this perfectly is the blues.  Originally started by African- Americans in the late 19th Century, this genre has been adopted, tweaked and stylized by a number of artists, each with his/ her own distinct style over the years. Such, has given rise to…

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  • A Royal Purple

    Purple is my favorite colour! While having the shortest wavelength among all the other colours, this colour also speaks of many shades from lavender (light purple) to violet (extremely dark purple). According to colour psychology purple denotes creativity, luxury, royalty or richness among others. The above should hardly be a wonder as purple is created by mixing red and…

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  • Lush, Green & Beautiful

    Green has always stood for nature. Just the word enables me to picture a place with lush green grass, huge leafy trees and singing birds. This is what makes the colour so full of freshness. However, according to colour psychology, it also has many more meanings: Green is said to have a calming effect on…

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