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Tag: car

  • Winning Bet

    Have you placed your winning bet?

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  • Shortcuts & Signs

    Another car bites the dust… or water.

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  • The Next Car

    A continuation of last week’s adventure.

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  • The Car

    When your driving instructor doesn’t teach you to use the handbrake. A classic Promila story.

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  • Safehouse Adventure

    A planned encounter results in a new adventure for a pair.

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  • Little Joys

    “Peek Peeeeeek” the car horn rang out as the little girl pressed it with delight. Outside a man was surveying the damage done to the car. “Two dents, smashed​ tail lights…”  He had worked day and night to buy this car and was loathe to tell his neighbours that it was damaged in the first […]

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