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Tag: All-timeFavorites

  • Another Halloween Night

    Me, my friend and a Halloween night.

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  • A Museum Trip

    Here’s what happens when I take a trip to the museum with my friend Promila.

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  • A Halloween Night

    This Halloween, watch out before you set out for that storytelling session.

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  • WEP: Get In!

    Sam: (Shaking his head vigorously) No I won’t! Mother: Why not? Sam: It’s too deep. I’ll sink. Mother: Oh come on, Sam. It’s not that deep. See even little Peter got in. Sam: He probably never knew. At least give me a lifejacket first. Mother: (With an exasperated sigh) Sam, will you just get into…

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  • A Trip Around The World

    I haven’t posted in a long time. Can’t believe that WordPress stats show that my last post was 21 days ago. Anyways moving on today’s piece of fiction. “Grandma! Is this enough to take a trip around the world,” she asked excitedly, holding up her piggy bank. Her grandma carefully counted the money and said,…

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  • Little Joys

    “Peek Peeeeeek” the car horn rang out as the little girl pressed it with delight. Outside a man was surveying the damage done to the car. “Two dents, smashed​ tail lights…”  He had worked day and night to buy this car and was loathe to tell his neighbours that it was damaged in the first…

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