My cupboard tells a story. No, not one of time freezing moments, a story behind a favourite sweater, or even of mercy shown to a bird who built its nest in a basket. It tells the famous story of...I'll clean it tomorrow. The photo prompt has been given by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields at the Friday... Continue Reading →

The Lake

"Hey there. Yes I'm talking to you. Me, the lake. Stop looking around. I know a journalist when I see one. You probably need a story, I could give you one." "A story? You?" Said the man, "Prove it." "Well I've been here for more than a century or so. I've seen how people have used... Continue Reading →


3 Oh just look at that beautiful view. So pretty, just like a framed picture. You are seriously out of shape though. I'm pretty sure half the countryside must have heard you huffing and puffing all the way up this tiny hill. Jack: The cabin is supposed to be by the edge of two full-grown... Continue Reading →

On the way…

2 Whew! It's a good thing we came away from the city. I was just on the phone with Susie. Apparently, it started to rain as soon as we left. Poor soul. I'm pretty sure that she had been looking forward to this trip. Oh no, there is no need for you to worry about... Continue Reading →

Yearly Resolution

It's too late in the year for me to make my 'New Year Resolution.' However, as a popular saying goes "Subh kaam mei deri kaisi?" (Translation: Why delay good work) I have finally decided on a list of resolutions for the year.  Read 4 books in a year. Read atleast 5 blog posts during the week. Comment... Continue Reading →

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