Come June and everyone is ready for the monsoons and the running around associated with the start of schools and colleges begins. Vacation time is mostly considered over. However, for those who spent the summer heat sweating it out over work or could not go for a vacation, here are five reasons why you should take that off- season vacation.

Bookmark This Day!

You may be familiar with bookmarks! No, I’m not talking about those little icons on the screen that you can use to save a page in your eBook or PDF reader or even browser. I am talking about those strips of paper, cardboard and string which come in different shapes and colours. As people have... Continue Reading →

Jugaad- The Way of Innovation

Indians have given the world various useful inventions. From 'buttons' to the number 'zero,' most of these inventions are still in use. But, more than inventions Indians have made their mark in innovation. In a hurry to get somewhere but your slipper broke on the way? Just repair it with a strip of tape. This... Continue Reading →

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