2017 in Review

Note: Randomzb was an old blog that has since been deactivated. The links on this post have been updated to my current blog. This is my last post this year and with this, I would like to review my blog's performance along with listing my top performing and favourite posts. I started Randomzb on 27th... Continue Reading →

Lenovo K6 Note Review

I know that this review has been a long time coming but finally got down to write it. I have been using the Lenovo K6 Note for the past six months and here is my review of it. The 1080x1920 5.5-inch screen offers beautiful pictures. This coupled with the 3GB RAM works great while playing... Continue Reading →

Travelling On Amchi Mumbai’s Lifeline

For most Mumbaikars travelling across the city for a number of reasons is a given. For this, many prefer the quickest and cheapest mode of travel- the local trains. Also known as Mumbai's lifeline or backbone, the trains start from Churchgate (Western line) or CST (Central and Harbour lines) and ends at Dahanu (Western line), Kalyan/... Continue Reading →

A Royal Purple

Purple is my favorite colour! While having the shortest wavelength among all the other colours, this colour also speaks of many shades from lavender (light purple) to violet (extremely dark purple). According to colour psychology purple denotes creativity, luxury, royalty or richness among others. The above should hardly be a wonder as purple is created by mixing red and... Continue Reading →

The Hidden Persuaders

Psychology and its connecting disciplines has always fascinated me. One subject among them is the art of persuasion, which is more successful at conquering people and nations than even a physical war. Recently, as part of class work I read the 'Hidden Persuaders' by Vance Packard. The book was published in 1957 and consists of... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Ads

Being in BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media), analyzing various ads and case studies was part of our curriculum. This introduced us to a varied number of ads from different time periods. From ads that made us laugh whole heatedly to ones that made us go "awwww," here are a three of my favorite ads: Cadbury- 1993-... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Best Crime Stories

The Best Crime Stories is an anthology of 24 short stories by some of the most renowned authors in crime stories like Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, G.K. Chesterton, P.D. James, etc. From murder to theft to blackmail, this book is a must read for crime stories lovers. Some must read stories from the book:... Continue Reading →

Chocolate: The Sweetest Desire

On reading today's daily prompt- desire, the thing which I crave the most came to my mind. I almost consider chocolate as my first love and decided to find out the origins of this sweet delight. Apparently, chocolate wasn't the sweet desert we think of today. It was invented by the Aztecs some 3100 years ago in Central... Continue Reading →

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