2017 in Review

Note: Randomzb was an old blog that has since been deactivated. The links on this post have been updated to my current blog. This is my last post this year and with this, I would like to review my blog's performance along with listing my top performing and favourite posts. I started Randomzb on 27th... Continue Reading →

A Royal Purple

Purple is my favorite colour! While having the shortest wavelength among all the other colours, this colour also speaks of many shades from lavender (light purple) to violet (extremely dark purple). According to colour psychology purple denotes creativity, luxury, royalty or richness among others. The above should hardly be a wonder as purple is created by mixing red and... Continue Reading →

Lush, Green & Beautiful

Green has always stood for nature. Just the word enables me to picture a place with lush green grass, huge leafy trees and singing birds. This is what makes the colour so full of freshness. However, according to colour psychology, it also has many more meanings: Green is said to have a calming effect on... Continue Reading →

10 Inspirational Quotes

January has almost ended. With that comes the revaluation of the resolutions made at the start of the year. While that goes on along as we look forward to the month ahead; here are some of my favourite quotes. "If music be the fruit of love, play on."  - William Shakespeare "You’ve gotta dance like... Continue Reading →


If you have missed part 1, enjoy it here. 5. NAME OF BAND: U2 DECADE OF DOMINANCE: 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000. In order to promote their album ‘Songs Of Innocence,’ U2 launched it at the Apple live event on 9th Sept. 2004. The album was gifted to al iTunes users as a free download. Apple... Continue Reading →


The other day as I was sitting, the song Stairway to heaven came through my earphones. Hearing this the thought crossed my mind – How did musicians climb the stairway to success by publicizing themselves? On reading through different articles on the bands that dominated different decades, here are a few of the ideas I... Continue Reading →

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