My Favorite Ads

Being in BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media), analyzing various ads and case studies was part of our curriculum. This introduced us to a varied number of ads from different time periods. From ads that made us laugh whole heatedly to ones that made us go "awwww," here are a three of my favorite ads: Cadbury- 1993-... Continue Reading →

Editing The Canvas

Earlier in the day getting a portrait made was considered the in thing among the rich and famous in society. An artist was called and the person had to sit still in the same position till the painting was done. It is hardly a wonder that you don’t find people smiling in such pictures. I... Continue Reading →

Films: Starring The Firsts Among Many

Films have come a long way in India. With many films crossing the 400 crore mark, the Indian film industry accounted for nearly  158.3 billion (In Indian rupees) in 2015 with expectations for it to increase to 181.3 billion rupees in 2016 (Source: Statista). Following are some of the films that have made their mark by... Continue Reading →

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