Alexa Let’s Dance

He got home and started untying his laces while throwing his bag in the corner; "Alexa," he called "play my favourite playlist." As the music began, he started moving to the beat, "Alexa can you dance?" "No, my limbs haven't been programmed for any form of rigorous physical activity," replied the AI smoothly. "Ok," he... Continue Reading →

The Chaiwala

"Chai, Chai, Chai," he called out balancing two trays of tea in either hand. As he walked along the train's narrow corridor, he saw a young girl seated in a corner. She seemed hungry and thirsty and her gaze was drifting from his tray to the nearby Vada Pav seller. He wanted to give her... Continue Reading →

WEP: Get In!

Sam: (Shaking his head vigorously) No I won't! Mother: Why not? Sam: It's too deep. I'll sink. Mother: Oh come on, Sam. It's not that deep. See even little Peter got in. Sam: He probably never knew. At least give me a lifejacket first. Mother: (With an exasperated sigh) Sam, will you just get into... Continue Reading →

The Footprint

Fresh news! Find out what scientists have to say about the mysterious big foot, shouted the newspaper boy. The little village had become a hotbed of bustling activity with the discovery of a huge footprint at the nearby deserted island, attracting both- tourists as well as scientists who pitched various theories about its existence. Whose... Continue Reading →

The Birds and the Bees

I know what you are thinking, but this story isn't about the same. This is about my friend who went on a birdwatching safari with a few other people. According to him they set up camp late at night and then went birdwatching. They saw a lonely owl perched on a tree, barely visible due... Continue Reading →

The A to Z Challenge 2017 Reflections

April has ended (and I must admit, a bit too soon) and so has the A to Z challenge. Here are some takeaways from the challenge: 1. It's Not Easy To Blog Everyday While I started the challenge with great enthusiasm and excitement, I realised that blogging everyday on one theme is not as easy... Continue Reading →

Make Your Own Vibgyor At Home

The rainbow or Vibgyor (short for violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red) are just beautiful to look at. It is caused by the sun's rays (which is made up of different colours)  which splits into various colours when  it gets reflected by raindrops. However, waiting for a rainbow to appear can be tedious.... Continue Reading →

Fiery Hot & Red

Red is one of the primary colours. It is a colour which symbolizes energy and heat. This is because it is also the colour of blood and fire. It also has the highest wavelength. This is why it is used for signs especially ones showing danger (as it can be seen from a huge distance). Fun Fact:... Continue Reading →

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