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Third Time… Unlucky

She pulled up outside, petrichor still lingering in the air as she handed over the car keys to the Valet and stepped inside.

The homely atmosphere was enlivened with the aroma of fresh desserts and delicious dinners; “Pheeew… the road was so packed today, I was tempted to give up driving and take the bus.”

“Were you able to find a parking spot? I heard that most were already taken.”

“That’s the Valet’s job to figure out.”

“Wait a second… Valet?”

Both diners turned towards a window, just as a new car drove towards the nearby highway ramp.

“Not again!”

I know I’m one sentence over, but I felt that the last one was needed to create an impact. This is kinda, sorta, a continuation of a character, who seems to have terrible luck with cars. You can read one escapade here — The Next Car.

The photo prompt has been given by David Stewart at the Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and the word prompt (Second) has been given for the Six Sentence Stories hosted by Denise Farley.


12 responses to “Third Time… Unlucky”

  1. Nice twist, Bernadette


  2. That valet must have thought all his Christmases had come at once. Good one, Bernadette.


  3. I read the Janet Evanovich’s “Stephanie Plum” mystery series. This reminds me of her main character’s luck with cars. Always a “gas” of laughter ensues. Sorry… Great story, and thanks for the laugh! again, sorry… it wouldn’t be so funny to watch your car drive away….


  4. I wonder if the valet couldn’t find a parking spot and had to drive the car around until it was needed again.


  5. Dear Bernadette,

    So much for that car. Nicely done.




  6. I’m delighted with your story. I had a nice laugh with my coffee.


  7. Definitely bad luck with cars. Well done.


  8. Oh, dear. At least i’ve never had that happen, although my luck with cars has not been the best.


  9. The nonchalant “valet” and then the confused, “valet?” had me laughing. Well done!


  10. Nice little tale! I think a scream from the car owner woukd be te next sentence!


  11. I love the word “petrichor.” I love the smell of rain after a long dry spell. It makes me think of those who endured the Dust Bowl of the Great Depression, who danced in the rain when it finally came 🙂


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