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Coffee & Tea

“I would like some coffee.”

“Sure, would you like to see

along with it our range of tea?”

“No thanks, I’m in a hurry;

just please the coffee.”

“There I’ll have to disagree.

Tea’s better, you even get sugar for free.

We offer flavours like dark, sweet and earthy;

Plus, why order coffee in a house of tea?”

The word prompt (Coffee) has been given for Six Sentence Stories at the Girlie on the Edge hosted by Denise Farley.


8 responses to “Coffee & Tea”

  1. Why order?? Short answer: Because “That’s the way aha aha, I like it, aha aha!” 😆

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    1. Now this song will be stuck in my head all day 😂

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  2. Agree with Spira, ha. But I loved your punch line.

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  3. If it’s a real teahouse, they don’t know beans about brewing good coffee, it will leave something to be desired.

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    1. True that. But sometimes they do surprise you.


  4. Coffee. It is what it is. Tea? There lies complexity, lol


    1. So much to choose from 😍


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