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“Hi there, could you help me, I’m lost and am looking for the exit to this neighbourhood?”

“Oh, just go straight and turn right.”

“Tried that, came across an ‘Electrical work in progress, take a detour to the left’ sign.”

“Then go left?”

“But there’s a ‘Road work in progress, take a detour to the right’ sign.”

“I guess, you can arrive any time you like, but can never leave.”

The word prompt (Detour) has been given by Denise Farley for the Six Sentence Stories at the Girlie on the Edge.

8 responses to “Detour”

  1. That sounds like our city, i’m glad my neighborhood has 4 entrances!


    1. Ours has 3 and currently all 3 are being dug up.


  2. I’m sure we can all empathise! Good Six, Bernadette.

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  3. Certain neighborhoods so very often seem to have that problem

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  4. Good job on the Eagles cameo.

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  5. Nice description of a pair of detours conflicting with each other.

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  6. Detour to the Hotel California? 😉

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  7. The ever present road work! Detours are sometimes worse than the roadwork in progress, lol

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