What to Wear?

“I have nothing to wear!”

“Why don’t you check your cupboard?

“Still nothing.”

“The drawer or rack beside it?”

“Still no.”

“Just grab my cap and jacket; no one will notice.”

The photo prompt has been given by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields at the Friday Fictioneers and the word prompt (Wear) has been given by Denise Farley at the Girlie on the Edge.

21 responses to “What to Wear?”

  1. A well worn problem when there is so much choice.

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    1. And yet it ends up with being nothing 🙂

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  2. But then, if you wear mine, what will I wear?

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    1. Hmmm… Maybe check the cupboard?


  3. I’m sure the cap and jacket will be seen as shabby chic

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  4. I like the unexpected thought of checking the cupboard, drawer and rack for something to wear.

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  5. “No one will notice.” Well, there you have it. 🙂

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  6. And a new style is born… ‘frab mine’. LOL.


    1. Get ready for every fashion outlet to showcase it 😉

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  7. When have I not made that same comment almost every day!


  8. Dear Bernadette,

    What woman can’t relate to that. Full closet and nothing to wear. 😉




  9. The age-old dilemma – on the plus side I guess it’s better than all dressed up with nowhere to go!


    1. Last year was a lot like that I guess


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