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Another Dream

“You won’t believe the dream I had last night. I was walking along the roof when the clouds suddenly turned dark. I rushed into the nearest room but it followed me, face morphed into that of a hideous monster. I pulled and tugged at the handle but the door simply wouldn’t budge…”

“Was there a sign on the door telling you to push it?”

“No, but there was a sign that said ‘latch the door after entering.’”

The photo prompt has been given by Dale Rogerson at the Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and the word prompt (Handle) has been given by Denise Farley at the Girlie on the Edge.

13 responses to “Another Dream”

  1. The door was locked from the inside. I wonder what happened next.

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  2. Safe room! Everyone should have a safe room…especially in nightmares so vivid 😀
    Dreams can be amazingly detail oriented. And yet those details are often so easily forgotten so quickly upon waking.
    Good to read you at the Six, Bernadette 🙂

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  3. Someone else was already in there with the door latched, maybe. If you knock, it might open.

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  4. I like Denise’s idea that there should be a safe room in a nightmare. If only. . .

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  5. Spooky. I like how the action took part on a roof, and being so close to those clouds…

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  6. I guess someone got there first. I shudder to think what happened next. Nice one!

    My Six!

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  7. So push it open, then latch. Will that work? 😀

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  8. We do love our monsters.

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  9. Dreams, the memory of the bad ones, can stay with you for a lifetime. Not being able to open the door reminds me of my own nightmare about trying to run but not being able to get my feet off the ground. Your story is clearly written. One feels the fear!

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  10. What a nightmare! I hope it doesn’t come true for her.

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  11. Dreams can be a way to work out the troubles, the difficulties in our life. Markers and omens. I shudder to think what that subconcious of that dreamer was trying to say . .

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  12. Well done. Clear and fun read.

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