The Car

“Promila, did you already give your car for servicing?”

“Don’t be daft, who does that to a new car?”

“Then, where is it?”

“I could swear that I parked it here.”

***My phone starts ringing***

“Hey, I wasn’t able to get through to Promila & figured you’d be with her, so I called you.”

“Yup, we’re both here. Tell me?”

“So, I remember Promila telling me that she’d bought a red car and there’s a similar car right outside my place with a cloth doll that looks exactly like the ones she keeps.”

“Thanks Cara, we’ll be there soon.”


“You forgot the handbrake, right?”

“We haven’t reached that lesson yet.”

Today’s photo prompt literally screams a Promila story. It has been given by Liz Young at the Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

37 thoughts on “The Car

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  1. Looks like the lesson on the handbrake should have been the very first one. There is one lesson that is never taught and I think it should be included.โ€“ ‘Please remember where you parked the car.’โ€“ A kind of memory trick. How many times do you need to walk around a multi-storey parking lot and never find the car, because it in the other perking place.


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