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“But I don’t know what to write!”


“But I don’t know how to improvise!”

“Start with ‘once upon a time’.”

“Okay, once upon a time there was a writer struggling to write a story and a muse who was of no help and constantly gave useless advice.”


The word prompt (Improvise) has been given by Denise Farley for the Six Sentence Stories at the Girlie on the Edge.


12 responses to “Improvise”

  1. I love this! This sounds like a conversation I would have with my husband.


    1. Glad that you enjoyed it 🙂


  2. Nothing worse than a wise-guy muse! 😉


  3. Good response to that muse.

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  4. Good one 🙂 I’ve known a muse or two like that.

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  5. Actually, I would disagree completely with the conclusion of the protagonist.
    It is (or should be) as simple as the muse (in the Six) maintains.

    Not less than a few times have stories that went on to make me feel like I did my job, start as simply.

    (To borrow from a meme, ‘There was this one time. as the Six Sentence Story, that…)
    Fun Six


  6. Most a-musing. pardon the pun!

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  7. I’ve had more conversations like this lately than I care to admit, lol
    Excellent Six 🙂

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