WEP: Unmasking the Criminal

He laid back on his chair, sipping coconut water with relish and reminiscing; just a week ago he was counting minutes till his promotion.


His eyes swept across the room as he glanced at the menu. Today was hopefully his last day as an agent in the field. He bristled with pride as he sat up, mentally rehearsing his award speech, “it takes great skill and perseverance to unmask a villain like The Murait. I followed him across the world for 3 whole years but alas, like all thieves, he also had a weakness β€” The freshly made chocolate cake of the very same restaurant where I…” he just about saw a familiar silhouette fade away, darting in between the shadows.

The next day brought with it the news of the disappearance and suspected death of Agent Rickard.

Word Count: 138

The word prompt (Menu) for this piece has been given by Denise Farley at the Girlie on the Edge. The unofficial theme for December’s WEP is Unmasked.

33 thoughts on “WEP: Unmasking the Criminal

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  1. A mystery! I can’t sit still. I want to scream: What happened? Where did he disappear? Did he make a pact with the villain? Was he one and the same person as the villain he pretended to pursue?


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