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There you are sunbeam! I’ve been waiting all night for you. Okay, maybe I had a nap in between but nowadays you take off earlier than usual.

Today, I’m going to catch you, just like dad did the other day.

Urggh, this is harder than I thought; now even mom’s laughing.

Nevermind, I decided to let you off easy today but I won’t do that tomorrow.

The word prompt (Beam) has been given by Denise Farley at the Girlie on the Edge.

14 responses to “Sunbeam”

  1. Cute Six, Bernadette 🙂 And! it reminds me in just about 17 days, the days will begin to get longer. Spring is coming! 😁


    1. Here, there’s still over a month left for that 🤔 though Summer can never come quickly enough.

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  2. I like the attempt to catch the sunbeam.


  3. I think I did that as a child.. Trying to catch a sunbeam, find a rainbow. Innocence…ah

    Great six.


    1. Definitely agree with the rainbow. Especially when visiting a waterfall.


  4. Such a delightful SSS!


  5. The cats catch a sunbeam, or sunpuddle, to sleep in as often as possible. Maybe i should try it some time.


    1. You should. (Mild) Sunlight is said to be pretty good for health.


  6. This sounds like my cat, watching the sun bounce off the wall in the early morning sunlight. Next thing you know, HE is bouncing off the walls, trying to catch the sunbeam!

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    1. Haha. That must be a sight to watch (unless you need to clean up later).

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  7. I’m wishing for a sunbeam. It’s brrrry

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