WEP: A Grave Mistake

A wail pierced the sombre silence of the graveyard. She continued sobbing, the tears wetting the newly-placed slab on the unmarked grave.

It had been almost a month since their grand-uncle had passed, but Anna was adamant to continue the family tradition of crying your eyes out during a funeral.

“Akka*, why are you crying here?”

“Just like her to be late,” she thought, wiping away a tear, just the way they did in the movies. “To pay my respects, of course. It’s why we’re both here.”

“But Uncle Peter was buried three rows ahead.”

*Akka means elder sister in Tamil.

Word Count 95 : FCA

This month’s WEP theme is Grave Mistake. What’s yours?

32 thoughts on “WEP: A Grave Mistake

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  1. This is great, and reminds me of a story: when my dad died, a couple of my friends said they’d be at the service, they’d meet me at the funeral home. I waited and waited, and wouldn’t let the service begin till they got there. Finally they showed up, and things proceeded. They apologized because they’d gone to the other funeral home a few blocks away…they’d been sitting in a pew there until one of them said, “I didn’t realize her dad was That Old”…checking the name, they realized they were paying respects to some other guy πŸ™‚

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