Our New Year’s Holiday

Ah… holiday sweet holiday, I think taking out my ‘Guide to an Epic New Year’s Holiday.’

“You’ve got to see this,” I hear Promila call out from the balcony; “There’s a couple having quite a fight down there.”

“Come on, it’s New Year’s. You should seriously consider a resolution of not poking your nose in other people’s lives and for goodness sake stop leaning out like that; it’s an accident waiting to happen.”

Too Late.

I hear a shriek, splash and rush out to see a heavily drenched (and stunned) couple along with an equally confused Promila.

I guess we can cross-off a Pool Party from my New Year’s list.


The photo prompt has been given by C. E. Ayr at the Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The word prompt (Epic) has been given by GirlieOnTheEdge hosted by Denise Farley.

20 thoughts on “Our New Year’s Holiday

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  1. Nice double prompt story.
    (Don’t tell anyone, but I have never in my entire life done that, horseplay-fall-and/or-pull-another-into-a-swimming-pool. Damn! I’m probably wise to let that one go.)
    Fun Six


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