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ISWG: I hope I’m not late…

So many things have happened in the past few days that I almost forgot that today’s ISWG Day. On this day, insecure writers post about their insecurity, wins, loses and even answers to a question of the month. This time it’s “What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever googled in researching a story?

My Answer:

I guess the strangest thing for me was researching if there were any forests that actually had red soil, thick trees and mountains. It was for an assignment for my creative writing class where the protagonist went on a treasure hunt with his uncle and father.

Currently Reading:

I’ve just started The ‘4-Hour Workweek’ by Tim Ferriss and will be soon beginning ‘The Time Machine’ by H.G. Wells. I’ve had to retire ‘Tell Tale’ for now as the rains are making it difficult to read while travelling.

Last Month:

October was quite a productive month in terms of writing. I managed to finish my book outline. I plan on taking an extended NaNoWriNo (about a 100 days) to write my novel. I also took part in this month’s WEP.

Am really excited to read other entries on this week’s ISWG question.

17 responses to “ISWG: I hope I’m not late…”

  1. No. You’re not too late. Where was that forest?


    1. I don’t really remember the name, but it was in South Africa.

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  2. Is that 100 days to draft, write, and edit your novel, or just write the first draft? I’m on year 9 writing my novel, sooooo…100 days sounds impossible for me! 😀


    1. It was supposed to be 100 days for the first draft. Ultimately that did not happen though.


  3. I was going to ask if you found the forest then I saw your reply to the same question 🙂
    Glad you found it.

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  4. Good luck with the NaNo project. And no worries about being late.


  5. I can think f a few places that have those forest conditions with the red soil. What did you find?


    1. Can’t remember the exact name. Will probably search for it.


  6. Research is fun I love it. Sometimes I waste a lot of time with it though so I need to recognize when I’m spinning my wheels and when I need to move on.


  7. The forest in South Africa sounds beautiful. Best of luck with NaNo!


  8. Thanks Bernadette for the news. I am currently (still) reading Barkskins. A novel spanning 5 centuries on the exploitation of the forests of the US, Canada and New Zealand. The book follows two families, revolving around the logging industry with intermarriage occurring in Native American and Maori tribes. Fascinating, but also sad to see to what extend the white man didn’t care about preserving and renewing forests for future generations. If you are interested I wrote a review on my blog back in May. Have an inspiring November.


    1. Will surely check it out. Thanks for reading 🙂


  9. You can’t be late as that’s me commenting once I’ve finished NaNo and faced my backlog.


    1. I’m not too sure about that 😉


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