WEP: The Horrible Harvest

***Year 2019**”

It was a beautiful night.

“Chriiiiirup… Chriiiiirup… Chriiiiirup” could be heard as dusk settled and the locals walked home.


The sound of an electronic saw pierced the air. Crash! went the sound of the first one, then the second and then the third. Peace changed to chaos as activists were arrested, others detained as they tried to get home.

Social media and news channels were full of it but who could stop the forces of development?

***Year 2069***

An old man struggled to get home with an almost empty oxygen cylinder. A good Samaritan saw him collapse and rushed over to give him a breath of fresh air from his own cylinder.

Thankfully the ‘life-saving’ cylinder refill van was just around the corner.

Word Count 126 : FCA

This month’s WEP theme is ‘Horrible Harvest’. Join us for a spooky time!

50 thoughts on “WEP: The Horrible Harvest

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  1. Let me try this using my Facebook account. WordPress hates me and won’t publish my comments half the time.
    You made excellent use of a very few words to create an all-too-plausible dystopian scenario. Well done!


  2. Hi,
    Beautiful job. The consequences of the disrespect of nature. We humans can be quite arrogant until we realise the consequences of our arrogance.

    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G


  3. It’s amazing how much impact you have with so few words! Humans tend to wreak havoc on nature without considering the long term consequences. Being at the mercy of the refill van would be horrifying. How much does a refill cost, I wonder?

    Well done!


  4. So we need to listen to the Climate Extinction activists and take action. Seems governments won’t listen or are too slow to act. Easier to call these citizens ratbags. One day your story could be the truth. (((shivers))) A great tale for Horrible Harvest.


  5. Hi Bernadette – so many thoughts here … but your story could ring true so easily and in a very short time … we need ‘to do’ and to understand … and encourage everyone to realise what’s at stake – and what it’ll take to fix things … all of us – passive watchers, activists without killing or breaking things/people et al … we need to work together …. brilliantly written with so few words. Good for you – cheers Hilary


  6. Congratulations Bernadette. In a nutshell, you nailed it. May there be more and more organic harvests and not horrendous ones. March to stop pesticides, fuel powering, littering, plastic.
    Have a sweet Halloween.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi Bernadette – congratulations on winning this month’s WEP … it is a brilliant story ,,. as Toi says – I too can’t wait for your next story … cheers Hilary

    Liked by 1 person

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