Waiting for a Ride

“Mommy why does it rain?”

“Because the sky wants us to have water.”

*** Silence ***

“Mommy why do we have to stand in a line?”

“Because the rickshaw wala will only allow the person who arrived first to get a seat first.”

*** Silence ***


“Shush… one more word from you and I’m going to make you sit on top of the rickshaw.”


*** In the Rickshaw ***

“Mommy why am I sitting on top of your lap and not on the auto’s roof?”

For those who aren’t familiar, an auto rickshaw (also either known as rickshaw or auto) is a 3-wheeled vehicle. Every morning you’ll have a line of people who wait for ‘share rickshaws’. These kind of rickshaws ply over a fixed distance at a fixed rate instead of using the metre. Passengers get off at the nearest spot to their destination.


The photo prompt has been given by Na’ama Yehuda at the Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

38 thoughts on “Waiting for a Ride

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  1. It is hard to tackle a stream of β€˜why daddy,’ but I do love that children want to know. Even if sometimes I may tell the rickshaw driver, do leave the child with mummy.πŸ™‚


      1. Don’t all children want cars, trains or rickshaws or at least drive them? Great story of an innocent view from a child, they take things on face value…until they realise it is not true.


  2. I remember when a new outdoor mall opened years back the had rickshaws and the runners for people who had to park far away. We took them a few times. It was a fun experiences.


  3. I’ve had many different experiences with rickshaws. Most drivers are okay but some are downright rude and refuse you unless you’re going a certain distance which isn’t supposed to be the way it goes here. I think my back was injured by them banging through potholes. A cute story, Bernadette. Well done. πŸ™‚ — Suzanne


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