WEP: A Quick Robbery

He eyed the white sands of the beach through a makeshift window in his tent. The fleet of turtle lovers were due to arrive in 10 minutes; by now his ‘colleagues’ would be in place.

He started typing in the code, eyes on the minute hand as it inched closer to the designated time and hit ‘Enter.’ Within no time the tent was dismantled as he placed it above his laptop. He straightened his cap and carted it away in a red wheelbarrow, picking up wrappers and warning tourists of littering on the way.

The next day’s headlines:

“Robbery in Floridian High-Security Vault: Thieves Leave No Trace”

Word Count 107: FCA

This month’s WEP theme is ‘Red Wheelbarrow’. I know it’s a bit early to post this month’s post but the other prompts resulted in a mental picture of a person carting away a tent in a wheelbarrow (& I couldn’t resist it).


The photo prompt has been given by Jan Wayne Fields at the Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The word prompt (Code) has been given by Girlie on the Edge hosted by Denise Farley. The location (Middle Torch Key, Florida) of the piece was suggested by Pegman.

63 thoughts on “WEP: A Quick Robbery

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  1. If you’re committing your crime by computer, you can get away with it just about anywhere. I liked the image of him making his getaway by pretending to be concerned about litterers — good cover!

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  2. Hi Bernadette – oh so clever .. short and to the point. The beach will never been the same again …cleverly imagined. Well done – cheers Hilary

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  3. I enjoyed how the story began and ended on the beach, from luxurious tent to a worn red wheelbarrow. Could be the start of a longer story. I found myself wondering how he got the code, who his colleagues were, and what he was after in that vault! Nice teaser.

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