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Hi, I’m John. This is my kingdom. That one there is my friend’s Arthur, that’s Nilesh’s and that one’s Mr. Trestle’s. Today we are going to ambush Mr. Trestle’s kingdom and capture his mango trees.

Don’t look so surprised. He’s mean to all kids, especially new ones like you. So, are you joining us? Hurry, he comes back from the supermarket at 3.

The photo prompt is given by Randy Mazie at the Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

9 responses to “Ambush!”

  1. Look out, Mr. Trestle!




    1. Unfortunately he won’t know what’s coming


  2. I wonder what Mr. Trestle does that anoys these kids so much.


    1. He does not allow them into his garden.

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      1. Ah. Yes, I should have picked up on that 🙂

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