Earthquake Freeze

News Flash: Massive Earthquake in Nepal, Causes An Avalanche on Mount Everest.

He struggled in the heavy wind and snow. It would have been about 3 days since he was separated from the rest of his group; Food resources were dwindling, so was oxygen. He saw an old man ahead, “hello, have you too been caught on the wrong side of the fall?”

He found himself in a dilapidated tavern with a glass of clear liquid. “How did I get here?” he wondered as he hit play on his GoPro: ‘hello, have you too been caught on the wrong side of the fall?’

Snow and ice filled the room freezing everyone in place.

Today Pegman is at Mount Everest. Join us in the rescue efforts.

Thoreau NM

The photo prompt has been given by Jean L. Hays at the Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The word prompt (Clear) has been given by Denise Farley at Girlie On The Edge.

11 responses to “Earthquake Freeze”

  1. Dramatic and surprising. Something supernatural going on there.


    1. Not really sure. I just escaped (& wouldn’t want to go back)

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  2. Brrr. I don’t see a good ending for him or anyone else.
    Well written SSS.


  3. engaging Six (with that extra something that granonine mentions in her Comment.

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  4. Now that’s one cliff hanger of an ending! No pun intended 😀


  5. Nice mashup! I love the six! And welcome to SSS I play every week and have a blast. As I was reading I was thinking Pegman, and then to bring it in at 100 for FF excellent job!

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  6. Very interesting. Sounds like my kind of “movie”


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