A Halloween Night

It’s Halloween! Every year we head out to the Bran Castle where uncle Mike dresses up and tells us a spooky story. Why, one year he appeared with his head in a pumpkin and literally scared Mary out of her seat!

Today he’s late, some of the men went to his house to find out why. It’s a nice little place that was built during World War 2, some think it was built during the same time as the castle, a by-product of the leftover materials.

They found him face downwards as white as a sheet. According to Dr. Barns it looked as though all his blood had drained away…

Today Pegman is at the Bran Castle in Romania. Join us for a storytelling session.

The photo prompt has been given by Jade M. Wong at the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW).

(The castle image has been taken from bran-castle.com)

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