A Look at Fortune

She turned the cards upside down to see what they contained and read them out to her client, a lady in her mid-forties. The candle light flickered making her bangles glint as she reached out to hand over a doll; “This will help reduce that aura of bad luck. Keep it under her pillow”, she said in a low voice. Her client accepted it with relief shining in her eyes.

The clock struck 8 and she closed up. She went home, freshened up and sat down contentedly with her favourite Jules Verne classic.

Today Pegman is in New Orleans. Join us for some Voodoo, or maybe you’d like your fortune to be told?

The word prompt (Classic) has been given by Six Sentence Stories at GirlieOnTheEdge hosted by Denise Farley.

12 responses to “A Look at Fortune”

  1. I find myself wondering what will happen next. I’m not so sure taking the doll was a good idea.


    1. Well, her ‘luck’ is sure to improve. Not sure whether it’ll be because of the doll though.


  2. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

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  3. Hmmm, is she a true practitioner, or just taking people in? A mystery in more ways than one.


    1. It would take a crystal ball to find that out 🙂 Thanks for reading.


  4. Hm…have to wonder. Is she genuine? Will her client’s success be a result of magic or self-fulfilling prophecy because she believed?
    Interesting Six!


    1. I somehow suspect the second but you never know


  5. Ah, so the fortune teller is in to science fiction. I too wonder if the doll was a good idea. So many questions!


    1. Maybe you should pay her a visit. She’ll answer your questions with her cards 😉


  6. Maybe moving would be a better option, as long as the string of bad luck doesn’t follow her. Well written Six.

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