The Legend that Came True

“Come on, we haven’t got all week!” exclaimed his friends impatiently.

“You guys go to the top, I’ll just take a break and catch my breath. Will join you guys on your way down,” he replied panting and leaning against one of the walls of the fort. No sooner had the others gone a few steps ahead, they heard a scream and turned to see that the wall on which their friend had been leaning had collapsed with him falling inside…

…Historians and archaeologists are yet to finish cataloging all the artifacts in the ruin but rumour has it that the ‘legend’ of Jamsheed Quli Qutb Shah’s room of riches was finally found.

Today Pegman is at Golconda Fort. Join us for an architectural tour.

The photo prompt has been given by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields at the Friday Fictioneers. The word prompt (Finish) has been given by Six Sentence Stories at Girlie On The Edge hosted by Denise Farley.

13 thoughts on “The Legend that Came True

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  1. Love the Sixes that use ‘true’ parts of the ‘real’ world and history to form a context. (Do it quite a bit myself. Learn new things, practice writing).


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